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General Information


Full name: Georgia
Location: the state in the Caucasus, the Black sea coast
Area: 69,700 sq km
Population: 3 723 500 people (2019)
Ethnic composition: Georgians 83.7%, Armenians 5.7%, Russians 1.5%, Azerbaijanis 6.5%
The Capital City of Georgia: Tbilisi
Official language: Georgian
Religion: Orthodox Christian 65%, Muslim 11%, Catholic 8%
Time zone: UTC +4
Internet zone: .ge
International phone code: +995
Monetary unit of Georgia : Georgian lari (GEL)
Road traffic: right-hand

Reasons To Visit Georgia

There are plenty of options for what to do. The country has something to offer every type of travelers. History lovers can see the ancient churches and fortresses. Thirsty adventures are recommended hiking, horseback riding, descending into the caves, rafting, hunting, ski resorts, health resorts, sunny beaches, and much more. You will not remain indifferent by tasting amazing Georgian cuisine and local wine.

Custom Regulations

It is allowed to export into Georgia: 2 liters of alcoholic beverages and 200 cigarettes (for persons who have reached the age of 18); food products with a weight of not more than 5 kg, the total cost of which is not more than 200 GEL; items for personal use, the cost of which does not exceed 300 GEL (if you travel by plane, then up to 1500 GEL). For carriage in hand luggage liquids are allowed, the volume of each of which does not exceed 100 ml, and the total volume of 1 l. To be declared: high-quality electronic equipment and communications; animals, plants, birds. It is forbidden to import: weapons, ammunition; flammable substances; narcotic, radioactive, psychotropic, highly active and other toxic substances; porn products. It is forbidden to export from Georgia: precious stones, metals, jewelry, antiques, icons, and paintings, sculptures, which are artistic and cultural values​(export is possible only with special permission from the Ministry of Culture of Georgia). The jewels declared at the entrance to the country are freely exported.

Arriving & Transport

You can get to Georgia in different ways: by plane, by train, by bus, by car or by water. You can travel around the country by bus, train and plane. The airport is not only in Tbilisi, but also in Batumi and Kutaisi. There are daily flights from Tbilisi to Batumi. The most popular means of transport are buses and minibuses that connect almost all the settlements of Georgia.

Visa Information

Citizens of some countries can officially stay on the territory of Georgia for a year without a visa. You need to have only a valid international passport. Residents of certain countries will have to apply for a visa, which is issued for 90 days. Visa pproval process takes 7 days after receiving the documents. For more information follow the link below.


There are many hotels, hostels, cottages, guest houses in Georgia, where the rooms range from comfort and price category. The most popular and favorite tourist destination is the center of Tbilisi. You will be able to choose the right accommodation for your budget.

Best time to visit Georgia

İt is an amazing and mysterious country, where you can relax at any time of the year. Georgia is loved for the snow ski resorts, and for the summer beach resorts by the Black Sea. You can also visit the health resorts at any time of the year. It is worth noting that sanatoria in Georgia come in different categories: balneological, balneo-climatic, mountain-climatic and highly climatic.

Must see places in Georgia

Tsminda Sameba Cathedral

Jvari Church

Gelati Monastery

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Bagrati Cathedral