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square kilometers
0 ‎°C
winter aver. temp.
23 ‎°C
summer aver. temp.

General Information

Full name of the country: Republic of Azerbaijan
The Capital City of Azerbaijan: Baku
Area of Azerbaijan: 86.600 km²
Population of Azerbaijan: 10 000 000 people (2019)
Official languages: Azerbaijani (Latin script writing)
Ethnic groups: Azerbaijani, Lezgian, Russian, Talysh, and others
Symbolics: Flag of Azerbaijan, Emblem of Azerbaijan
President of Azerbaijan: Ilham Aliyev
Religion of Azerbaijan: Islam
National currency – Azerbaijani manat
Monetary unit of Azerbaijan: 1 manat = 100 kapik
Driving side: right
Domain zone: .az
Calling code: +994
Time zone: GMT + 4 hours, summer time: GMT + 5 hours

Reasons To Visit Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is an exotic country in Asia, which is rich in historical, cultural and natural heritage. The mild climate, Caucasus mountains, architecture, people, national cuisine and culture are the perfect combination of East and West, and the combination of Persian, Turkish and Soviet heritage makes it the best place for traveling like no other.

Custom Regulations

The import of foreign currency is not limited (Declaration is required), the export is limited to the amount stated in the Declaration. Import and export of local currency is allowed only to citizens of Azerbaijan. Persons over the age of 16 are allowed duty-free import of up to 1,000 cigarettes or 1 kg of tobacco products, up to 1.5 liters of spirits, 2 liters of wine, as well as other goods totaling up to $10,000. The import of weapons, ammunition (except for hunting, for which a special permit is issued), drugs and narcotic drugs, animals, photographs and printed materials, which can be considered as directed against the constitutional system of Azerbaijan. It is recommended to declare the imported photo and video equipment. 

Arriving & Transport

The most convenient and fastest way to get to Azerbaijan is by plane to the city of Baku and Ganja. Also, you can help to take advantage of a railroad train, bus and car. The railway station and international bus terminal is located in Baku. In Baku there is a subway which help to move quickly within the city. Between the towns of Azerbaijan is also possible to travel by train, bus, minibus or taxi.

Visa Information

Citizens of some states do not need a visa to Azerbaijan. Duration of their stay is no more than 90 days without a visa, with registration at the place of stay. For citizens, who need a visa, after a visa inquiry the approval process takes 3 days.


The cost and variety of accommodation places in Azerbaijan depends on the region of the country. There are many expensive luxury hotels, hostels, apartments in Baku city, not only within the city, but near the coastal zone too. In other regions of the country tourists prefer recreation houses, cottages, camping due to lots of abundance of natural sources.

Best time to visit Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is unique owing to nine of the eleven existing climatic zones which located on its territory. And each season pleases guests with its unique features. Therefore, tourists come here any time of the year. The purest air, magnificent views, rich culture and many attractions will give you real pleasure, both in summer and in winter.

Must see places in Azerbaijan

Old City

Maiden Tower

Shirvanshah Palace

Juma Mosque