There are seven operating airports in Azerbaijan, six of them have international status.

The main aviation gate of the country is the Baku Heydar Aliyev Airport, which receives about a hundred flights daily. Best of all, Baku is connected with neighboring countries (except Armenia), CIS countries and large air hubs of the Middle East.  The most flights from Azerbaijan to the Western Europe territory fly to the city of London; 2-3 large flights a week to the other major European hubs. 10-12 flights a day from Moscow to Baku.

Ganja Airport is 350 km from Baku and for this reason it remains in the shadow of the Baku air traffic. There are daily flights from Istanbul Moscow.

The activity at the airport of Nakhichevan is largely due to the position of the exclave. In addition to domestic flights from Baku, Turkish Airlines flies from Istanbul to Nakhichevan each day and the Utair airilines flies from Vnukovo once a week . Flights to Lankaran periodically appear. 

The airport of small Gabala does not have a regular passenger traffic. Zagatala Airport and Airport of Yevlakh city have no passenger traffic.


Azerbaijan Flights - International Airlines

Turkish Airlines
Emirates Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Air France
Iran Air

Ankara (ESB) – Baku (GYD)
Dubai (DXB) – Baku (GYD)
Dubai (DXB) – Baku (GYD)
Frankfurt (FRA) – Baku (GYD)
Istanbul (IST) – Baku (GYD)
Istanbul (SAW) – Baku (GYD)
Moscow (SVO) – Baku (GYD)
Paris (CDG) – Baku (GYD)
Tehran (IKA) – Baku (GYD)
Tel Aviv (TLV) – Baku (GYD)